Stainless Steel Bird Cages

Stainless steel bird cages are beautiful, last longer than powdercoated cages and are rust-resistant and non-toxic to birds.

If you can afford them, stainless steel bird cages are the way to go -- hands down. With proper care stainless steel bird cages will last much, much longer than a powdercoated wrought iron cage.

Bird cages made with high-grade stainless steel can cost up to twice as much as a similar sized one made out of wrought iron steel. But you can enjoy significant savings in the long run because they don’t need to be replaced anywhere near as often as a wrought iron steel cage.

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Stainless Steel Bird Cages - Dome Top

Stainless Steel Bird Cages - Dome Top

Stainless steel dome top cages in a variety of brands and sizes.

Stainless Steel Bird Cages - Play Top

Stainless Steel Bird Cages - Play Top

Get a stainless steel bird cage and play gym all in one with a play top cage.

Stainless Steel Bird Cages - Other Styles

Stainless Steel Bird Cages - Other Styles

A variety of stainless steel cages including dual level birdcages, double cages, and stacked cages.

See our helpful chart with general information on selecting bird cages by size and breed.

• Stainless steel bird cages resist the growth of bacteria because stainless steel is completely non-porous. (That’s why it’s used to make surgical equipment.) As you are likely aware, birds are highly susceptible to illness borne of bacteria so a stainless steel product will vastly reduce or eliminate the threat.

• Stainless steel bird cages are naturally non-toxic and bird safe because they do not have paint or powder-coating on them that can be chipped off and eaten by your bird. Powder coating is potentially toxic to birds if lead or zinc levels are too high.

That is not to say that there are no bird-safe cages that are powder-coated. The best powder-coated bird cages have their materials tested for lead and zinc and either do not contain those metals at all, or are determined to contain them at levels well below what is considered bird-safe. Beware of powder-coat or painted bird cages that do not specify that they have been tested by an independent laboratory and determined to be bird-safe.

• Stainless steel bird cages are stronger and with proper care will last much longer than powder-coated wrought iron or cold rolled steel cages. In fact, a stainless steel cage could very well last a lifetime. That’s important to keep in mind when you are shopping. While it’s true that stainless steel bird cages cost more than others, sometimes almost twice as much, you may never need to replace it. Even with the best of care a wrought iron or cold rolled steel cage will not last forever. You will eventually have to replace those cages.

• Stainless steel bird cages are easy to clean, resist rusting and will look terrific year after year. They won’t lose their “shine” over time and stainless steel is very popular in home decor, so a stainless steel bird cage would fit in very nicely.

And the good news is that today’s stainless steel bird cages have style and flair. It used to be that they were just boxy looking, more for institutional use. But now that stainless steel bird cages are being demanded by individual bird owners, they are being stylishly designed. Quality Discount Cages carries stainless steel bird cages that come in dome tops, play tops, fancy Victorian tops and other styles.

It is recommended that you avoid abrasive cleansers, steel brushes and steel wool. If you want to disinfect surfaces you can use a bleach/water solution of ˝ cup of bleach and 1 gallon of water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean, hot water and then allow the cage to air dry (or towel dry it) before your bird goes back in it.

• Most stainless steel bird cages are put together with welded bars, as opposed to using a lot of nuts and bolts. This is good because a lot of times nuts and bolts can be made of toxic materials such as lead or zinc.

Quality Discount Cages is proud to be an authorized dealer for the following brands of quality bird cages: A & E Bird Cages, Avian Adventures Bird Cages, Blue Ribbon Bird Cages, HQ Cages, and Prevue Hendryx Bird Cages (also known as Prevue Bird Cages).

We carry hundreds of cages so that our customers will find exactly what they are looking for; from small parakeet bird cages to extra large parrot bird cages. Prices vary from higher-end to middle-of-the-road to discount bird cages. Keep in mind that industry-wide most decorative brass bird cages are not solid brass; they are usually either brass plated, or have a brass powder coat paint finish.

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