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You'll find Quality Discount parakeet bird cages in sizes appropriate for a single parakeet or for multiple parakeets. If you want a cage big enough to allow a flock of parakeets to enjoy flying see our flight bird cages.

We carry many brands and styles at various price points. Please contact our Customer Service department if you would like assistance comparing different parakeet cage features.

Important: Breed suggestions for parakeet bird cages are general guidelines. Please consult your avian vet or other qualified expert if you are unsure of the ideal size cage for your bird's breed and lifestyle.

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Small Bird Cages - Dome Top

Small Bird Cages - Dome Top

Choose from a variety of dome top cages for small sized birds.

Small Bird Cages - Play Top

Small Bird Cages - Play Top

Get a cage and play gym all in one with a play top cage.

Small Bird Cages - Decorative

Small Bird Cages - Decorative

Decorative styles including victorian top, flat top, scalloped top and more.

Small Bird Cages - Other Styles

Small Bird Cages - Other Styles

Choose from double cages, corner cages, octagon cages, stacked cages and more.

See our helpful chart with general information on selecting bird cages by size and breed.

All breeds of companion birds will be much happier if they are given the opportunity to behave, to the extent possible, as they would in the wild. This is as true about parakeets as it is with any other breed of parrot, large or small. Natural behaviors are important to keep in mind when shopping for Quality Discount parakeet bird cages. The most obvious natural behavior is flying. It is important that parakeet bird cages allow at least short flights from one perch to another.

Wild parakeets fly long distances to find food every day of their lives. They travel in flocks; parakeets are social birds and are never alone. Unfortunately, many people own single parakeets. Unless you are able to spend a great deal of time with a single parakeet (basically fulfilling its need for a devoted mate), you will likely end up with a parakeet that is lonely, bored or even depressed. This can result in behavior problems such as moodiness or they can even become downright nasty.

Some people who own a single parakeet say their bird is happy. But these people generally are not required to spend the majority of their days outside the home such as going to work every day. Instead, they are home with their parakeet. While home they allow the parakeet to fly about, which is very important to a parakeet. They pay lots of attention to their bird by playing games and teaching bird tricks when they can. When they can't give their bird their undivided attention they still interact with their parakeet even if just answering a whistle with a whistle of their own.

Most of us are not in a position to be at home day in and day out. It is highly recommended that you keep and care for at least a pair of parakeets so they can bond and keep each other company. We carry parakeet bird cages suitable for a single bird, a pair or even a flock. Flocks of parakeets will need an aviary large enough so that each of them can fly about a bit.

When it comes to parakeet bird cages we believe that the bigger the cage, the happier your bird or birds will be. This is really just common sense. Birds are meant to fly. If you deny them the opportunity to fly, either around your bird-safe home or in a parakeet flight cage or aviary, you would be depriving them of their most natural activity. How could any bird be happy without having the chance to spread its wings and fly?

While keeping and caring for birds takes a lot of time, it can also be a sizable expense. Usually the biggest expense will be a bird cage. When it comes to selecting parakeet bird cages, or cages for any breed of companion bird, we recommend that you purchase the largest cage you can afford that will fit in your home.

Also keep in mind when comparing our lineup of Quality Discount parakeet bird cages that your bird will need lots of things inside the cage to keep him or her occupied and to get some exercise. Parakeets love toys, swings and ladders to play on. These things are important but they do take up living/flying space. When you are browsing through our parakeet bird cages section try to keep in mind the extra space that will be needed to accommodate your bird's toys, swings, ladders, food bowls, water bowl, etc. Will there be ample room left over for your bird to at least "hop-fly" from one perch to another?

Of course, it would be better for parakeets to be able to actually fly from one end of their cage to another. That is precisely why it is more important for parakeet bird cages to be fairly wide, and less important for them to be tall. You will find our Quality Discount parakeet bird cages for sale at prices that vary considerably. It stands to reason that larger parakeet bird cages will cost more than smaller ones.

The material used in construction is also a factor in pricing. Stainless steel parakeet bird cages will cost quite a bit more than a wrought iron steel cage with a powdercoat of paint will cost. If your budget permits you may want to consider one of our stainless steel parakeet bird cages. With proper care they can last for many, many years longer than wrought iron cages. Stainless steel is not a porous metal and so it does not encourage bacteria growth. (That is why surgical instruments are made from stainless.)

However, if stainless steel parakeet bird cages are not within your budget then a wrought iron cage with a bird-safe (lead and zinc free) powdercoating will be perfectly fine. These cages can last for many years as well but will take more diligence. In addition to frequent, proper cleaning you'll need to keep an eye out for small nicks or scratches in the powdercoating and repair them ASAP.

In addition to size, the location of parakeet bird cages is also important. As mentioned, these birds are quite social and are not meant to spend a lot of time alone. Parakeet bird cages should be placed in an area that allows your bird to be a part of the family. For example, if people in your home spend a lot of time in the living room either to watch TV, movies or use a computer, then that may be the best room to locate your parakeet cage.

Your bird will not necessarily need constant one-on-one interaction, but will definitely appreciate hanging out in the same room as you or others. The key here is that parakeets should not be forced to spend a lot of time alone. You'll also want to be mindful of extreme temperatures or drafty areas in your home. Parakeet bird cages should not be located in cold or drafty spots, nor should they be kept in a place where there is no escape from heat or the sun's rays. A parakeet may very well enjoy basking in the sun for a while, but it is important for a bird to have shade as an option as well.

Parakeet bird cages that are positioned near a window can be a real treat for your pet. A window view will help to keep your bird occupied but it would be best if part of the cage is not exposed to the window view. This will give your bird a chance to get out of sight if something outside the window disturbs or scares him or her.

A word of caution about kitchen fumes: parakeet bird cages should not be located in a kitchen, so hopefully that is not the most common communal space in your home. Fumes from cooking and from cleaning supplies can be harmful to birds; even fatal. Other kitchen dangers when these pets are allowed to be outside of their parakeet bird cages are hot burners, hot steam, and pots and pans filled with water.

Other rooms can be inherently dangerous such as the bathroom. A bird can drown in a toilet bowl, or a filled sink or tub. Basically, an entire house should be bird-proofed for safety before allowing pets out of their parakeet bird cages to fly freely. In fact, it's a good idea to bird-proof your home before bringing your bird home for the first time.

We hope this information has been helpful to you. If you would like assistance or have questions about any of our bird cage models please contact our Customer Service department and we will be happy to assist you.