Medium Bird Cages

Medium bird cages and flight cages for Conures, Lories, Pionus, Quakers, Senegals and other birds of similar size.

Quality Discount Cages carries flight cages, bird aviaries and hundreds of other medium bird cages: playtops, dome tops, corner cages, walk-in cages and so many more. Choose from many colors available in powdercoated cages or naturally beautiful stainless steel.

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See our valuable Medium Bird Cages Tips section for these products!

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Medium Bird Cages - Dome Top

Medium Bird Cages - Dome Top

Choose from a variety of dome top cages for medium sized birds.

Medium Bird Cages - Play Top

Medium Bird Cages - Play Top

Get a cage and play gym all in one with a play top cage.

Medium Bird Cages - Decorative

Medium Bird Cages - Decorative

Decorative styles including victorian top, scalloped top, fan top and more.

Medium Bird Cages - Other Styles

Medium Bird Cages - Other Styles

Choose from double cages, corner cages, octagon cages, stacked cages and more.

See our helpful chart with general information on selecting bird cages by size and breed.

When it comes to bird cages, we strongly believe that bigger is usually always better when choosing a "home" for your feathered friend. If your bird appears to be larger than a “small” but smaller than a “medium”, Quality Discount Cages almost always recommends bumping up to medium bird cages.

There may be some exceptions to the “bigger is always better” rule of thumb. If you are among the fortunate few who have the opportunity to keep your bird out of his or her cage for long periods of time each day, then you may be fine with a somewhat smaller cage. For example, if your bird uses its cage just for sleeping or to enjoy some private time

But even so, at minimum the cage should at least be large enough to allow your bird to fully spread his or her wings and to sit on the top perch and still have sufficient head room. In addition, the tail feathers should not touch the floor of the cage.

In the final analysis, you are the best judge of what your bird’s needs are, however we do offer general guidelines to help you in your selection.

In addition to proper sizing, it is also vital that the medium bird cages you may be considering are safe for your pet. Bar spacing should be narrow enough to prevent injury or escape. Medium bird cages come with bar spacing ranging between 5/8 of an inch apart up to 1 inch apart. The bar spacing is too wide if your bird’s head can fit between the bars.

Another safety concern is paint or powder coating over wrought iron bird cages. Some paint or powder coating can contain lead and/or zinc and those materials are toxic to birds. (Not a concern for high-grade stainless steel bird cages which do not have paint or powder coating.)

Quality Discount Cages only carries surgical grade 304 stainless steel medium bird cages and bird-safe powder coated or painted cages. Our suppliers (listed at the end of this article) are well-known and well respected in the industry and have their paint and powder coating tested by an independent laboratory. Tests show that their products are either 100% free of lead and zinc, or contain levels well below what is considered to be safe.

How can I determine the quality differences between medium bird cages?

1. Thicker bars are found on higher quality cages. The thicker they are, the better the cage.

2. Type of steel – 304 grade stainless steel cages are significantly more expensive than their wrought iron steel powder-coated ones, but can last about three times as long. They are easier to clean and disinfect as well. Quality Discount Cages carries a huge selection of medium bird cages in surgical grade 304 stainless steel, which is the highest grade stainless steel available.

Prior to purchasing any of our medium bird cages, it is important to properly measure the location in your home where you intend to place it to ensure that it will fit. The cost of shipping medium bird cages is rather high, and ordering a cage that will not fit your home will be a costly mistake. We strongly urge you to save yourself from potential hassles and measure before purchasing any of our medium bird cages.

Quality Discount Cages is proud to be an authorized dealer for the following brands of quality bird cages: A & E Bird Cages, Avian Adventures Bird Cages, Blue Ribbon Bird Cages, HQ Cages, and Prevue Hendryx Bird Cages (also known as Prevue Bird Cages).

We carry hundreds of cages so that our customers will find exactly what they are looking for; from small parakeet bird cages to extra large parrot bird cages. Prices vary from higher-end to middle-of-the-road to discount bird cages. Keep in mind that industry-wide most decorative brass bird cages are not solid brass; they are usually either brass plated, or have a brass powder coat paint finish.

All of the breed recommendations for medium size bird cages made by Quality Discount Cages are general guidelines. It is important to evaluate your individual pet to determine the appropriate size to purchase.