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A flight cage keeps birds happy and healthy and they are delightful to observe.

Birds that have bird cages with enough room to fly are generally happier and healthier than those that donít. And they are such a treat to watch. Check out our Canary flight cages, Finch flight cage and more!

If you are looking for a flight cage, Quality Discount Cages carries many styles and sizes, including models with easy-rolling caster wheels so you can roll them out on the patio when weather permits.

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Why should I consider purchasing an indoor flight bird cage?

In the wild, birds spend a large portion of their day in flight.† It is unnatural for a bird to sit on a perch inside a small cage day after day with no exercise.† As a result, many sedentary birds become bored, and take out this boredom with constant noise and possibly aggression.† Giving your bird more freedom with an indoor flight bird cage increases his stimulation and ultimately makes your bird happier and healthier.† Additionally, indoor flight bird cages are pieces of art and when a number of small birds such as finches or canaries inhabit your flight cage, it is beautiful to observe.† If money and space permit, you can have both a flight cage and your standard cage for you birdís enjoyment.††

What features should I look for in indoor flight bird cages?†

Indoor flight bird cages need to be large enough to allow the species of bird room for flight.† The width of the flight cage needs to be larger than your birdís wing span.† Additionally, make sure that the bar spacing is sufficiently small enough to prevent your birds from escaping.† Also, position your birdís water / food dishes, perches and toys in such a manner that they are not obstacles in your birdís flight.† Evaluate the ease for you to enter the cage, as escape is much more likely with indoor flight bird cages than standard smaller cages.

It is very important to properly introduce a bird to an indoor flight bird cage.† A new bird cage, especially if it is significantly larger than the old one, can be a scary, stressful environment to your older bird if he is not properly and slowly transitioned.† It is especially difficult to transition one bird into a flight bird cage that already has a number of existing inhabitants.† Quality Discount Cages recommends hanging a smaller bird cage inside the large indoor flight bird cage that will be your birdís new home.† Hang the small cage such that your bird can see the entirety of the flight cage.† Once the existing birds have lost their curiosity and the new bird appears calm and comfortable, you may release your bird into its new environment.

If you have any questions about selecting the right indoor flight bird cage for you and your birds, please contact Quality Discount Cages customer service at 1-877-711-2473, as they stand by to assist you.