Cages for Lovebirds

Bird cages for Lovebirds should have at least two perches and be large enough for your bird to fly from one to the other.

When shopping for cages for Lovebirds there are a few things to keep in mind. Just like all bird cages, a Lovebirds cage needs to be large enough to allow natural behaviors such as flying from one perch to another. If you have just one Lovebird the cage should be at minimum 20" wide.

For pairs, cages for Lovebirds should be at least 36" wide x 20" deep x 20" tall. The width of the Lovebirds cage is important because that is what allows them to fly a bit. The won't fly up and down in their cage; they'll fly from side to side. So the wider the better.

Another reason to be sure you get the largest Lovebirds cage that you can is to accommodate swings, ladders and other toys that are necessary to keep your Lovebirds active. Lovebirds require opportunities to be active while in their cage to help promote and maintain good physical and emotional health.

Important: Breed suggestions for lovebird cages are general guidelines. Please consult your avian vet or other qualified expert if you are unsure of the ideal size cage for your bird's breed and lifestyle.

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