Bird Travel Cages

Bird travel cages will keep your bird safe whenever itís necessary to go out for vet visits, weekend trips, etc.

Bird travel cages are for those occasions when you need to take your bird outside: visits to the vet; weekend getaways; or when you are moving/changing residence. See our selection of acrylic bird carriers, folding bird cages and collapsible bird cages.

Even if you donít anticipate needing one of our bird travel cages, itís a good idea to have one on hand. What would you do if there was ever an emergency in your home or neighborhood that called for an evacuation? Bird carriers are ideal for emergencies.

See our valuable Bird Travel Cages Tips section for these products!

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When it comes to selecting travel bird cages the criteria is generally the same as it would be for selecting a permanent cage, except that it will likely be quite a bit smaller, especially if you own a large bird. (And that is why travel bird cages are recommended only for short term use such as overnight or weekend trips.)

Generally you only want to consider travel bird cages that have sturdy construction and are made from non-toxic, bird-safe materials. And, as with any cage, be sure the thickness of the bars and the space between them are in keeping with recommendations for the size and breed of your pet.

After that, youíll want to consider your own needs as well as your pet's to help you decide on the types of travel bird cages from which to choose. If, for example, you are looking at travel bird cages that will only be used to go on visits to the vet, perhaps one of our soft-sided carriers would work best.

However, if you plan to enjoy overnight or weekend trips, youíd be better off with one of our travel bird cages so he or she will have their own ďprivate room with a viewĒ wherever you go.

A few common travel tips:

1. Itís a good idea to bring your bird to the vet for a check-up before embarking on a trip. If your pet is even the slightest bit ill, he or she could become very ill when faced with additional stress from traveling. You do not want to be away from home if your bird becomes ill.

2. If you are planning on crossing state lines you should check with the stateís authorities to find out if your bird will need a health certificate. Further, if your bird is traveling by air(plane), youíll need to satisfy the airlineís requirements as well. Be sure to find out exactly what those requirements are before you reserve and pay for the flight.

3. If you are planning on taking your first road trip together, itís a good idea to get your pet used to the idea a couple of weeks before your departure. Birdís can be upset by sudden changes such as new surroundings or new travel bird cages.

Let your bird get used to the new cage while at home. Then, once that seems to be going well, go out for short trips in the car to get him or her acclimated to your vehicle as well as being in motion. (Yes, some birds do get motion sickness. Sometimes it can help to cover the cage if a bird is prone to motion sickness. Talk to your vet about ways to prevent or minimize motion sickness.)

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