Avian Adventures Loro Flight Cage

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Avian Adventures Loro Flight Cage

The Loro flight cage is a knockdown cage that's easy to set up and break down because there are no nuts or bolts.

Studies have shown that a wide flight bird cage is better for flying and therefore better for your bird's health. This cage provides additional width and added optional slide-out grates to accommodate varying bird behaviors.

Dimensions of the Loro flight cage:

  • 30" x 24" x 36" (WxDxH)
  • Total Cage Height: 72"
  • Bar Spacing: 1/2"
  • Wire Gauge: 1/8"

Unique Features of the Loro flight cage:

  • Removable roof
  • Top grate below the removable roof that allows you to either use a UV light or remove the roof altogether.
  • Stainless steel food & water bowls.
  • Natural wood perches which are healthier for your bird's feet than perches made from uniform dowels. Our perches are made of mangrove or yellow cow wood, lighter yet harder than manzanita.
  • Improved knockdown design, still without nuts or bolts. Easily breaks down into a small box for easy transport and storage.
  • A shelf at the bottom of each cage to store toys, food, treats, etc.
  • Six month warranty against manufacturer defects on Powder-Coat cages.

The Loro flight cage is ideal for use as a:

  • Flight cage for canaries
  • Flight cage for finches
  • Flight cage for parakeets
  • Cage for small to medium sized parrots
  • Cage for Sugar Gliders
  • Cage for Reptiles